Junk Removal in Satellite Beach

If you need junk removal in Satellite Beach, contact Junk Force! Whether you need to get rid of residential junk, commercial junk, or something else, we’re the right fit for the job.


Satellite Beach is one of Florida’s quieter beaches, which means you can relax on the shoreline without being overwhelmed by enormous crowds of tourists. This city is the home to comfortable family homes, beloved local businesses, and even the weekly farmer’s market each Thursday. All in all, Satellite Beach is a great place to be, so let’s not allow junk to dirty the place up. If you need junk removal services in Satellite Beach, get in touch with us, and we’ll be there to help you out soon!

Junk Force is the #1 junk hauling force in Satellite Beach and other nearby service areas. Our professionals are ready to haul, whether you’re trying to get rid of appliances, electronics, carpets, clothing, or toys. We’ll load it all into our truck with smiles on our faces. What’s more, we’ll do it all for an affordable price!

Why Us for Junk Removal Services?

Junk Force knows the community like the back of our hand, and it’ll show through our fantastic service. Since we know all the roads and shortcuts, it’s a sure bet we’ll be there on time. Once we arrive, we’ll also treat you with courtesy that won’t be matched by any other junk removal business. That’s because, as a local business, we are your neighbors—and neighbors love helping other neighbors out! We will haul away junk for you with no complaints and no hassle!

Full-Service Junk Removal in Satellite Beach

Are you struggling to get rid of junk items because the local trash pickup service won’t take them? Don’t worry, because we can take many things that the city cannot. You can see everything we take—and the few things we can’t—on our What We Take page.

Remember, we are a full-service junk hauling company. What this means is that we do all the physical labor so you don’t have to. No more lifting heavy junk. Leave it to us!

How Our Junk Removal Services Work

  1. Before we arrive, we’ll give you a phone call so you know to expect us. We will always be there during the 2-hour arrival window, so see you soon!
  2. Once we have made it there, say hello, then show us all of the junk you’d like to say goodbye to. This will allow us to prepare an upfront service quote.
  3. Do you like our junk removal prices? If so, approve our quote. Once you do, we’ll be able to start removing the junk from your property.
  4. Once all of the junk has been loaded into our truck, we will accept your payment before heading out to dispose of everything. We appreciate your patronage!

House Cleanout Services in Satellite Beach

Are you moving out? Cleaning up a hoard? Preparing for an open house on a foreclosed property? In all of these circumstances, our cleanout services are perfect for removing all that leftover clutter from the house. We’ll go from room to room, removing all the items we can find and discussing with you whether you’d like to keep or discard what we collect. We can remove heavy household items such as appliances and furniture thanks to our strong crew members. They make lifting bulky items look easy! Once we’ve finished cleaning out the house, we’ll also sweep the floors. That way, the house looks as clean as possible!

About Us

At Junk Force, we are “Expanding Space and Possibilities” for our friends, family, and neighbors so they don’t have to burn their time and energy on do-it-yourself junk removal projects. Thanks to the efforts of our experienced workers, a junk removal job that would’ve taken you a weekend can get done in mere hours. It’s all because we do our best for our community. Of course, we also do our work for a fair, affordable price, meaning there are zero regrets when you schedule an appointment with us!


Call 321-503-4944 or email [email protected] to get a quote today!

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